Creating Meaningful Conversations
"Penny Lane" is a road in Liverpool, the shelter in the middle of the roundabout, where Lennon & McCartney used to meet. The Penny Lane bus station was their meeting point & central to their lives.

Social Media is today´s ´Penny Lane Bus Station´ that central meeting point for Brands, Business & Consumers.
The analogy also holds good when you think of the customer & the business. They come together on social media, to navigate through the noise and discover a mutually beneficial & meaningful relationship. The song is also a huge favourite around here.
What we can do for you!
Manage your Social Media
We work with small business & brands in creating meaningful conversations & interactions with their customer base.
Manage Online Advertising
We manage all your web and mobile advertising requirements and produce results that impact the bottom line.
Design & Development
Your online brand is our expertise. We design, build and manage your website and create a memorable online presence.
Who we have worked with
Our Team
Helen Issar, The Founder
Comes with over 8 years of experience in the Communications & Internet business. She started in advertising with JWT (J Walter Thomson) & was responsible for managing global brands like Levis & national brands like Kirtilals. She then moved to the online marketing & social media side as one of the first employees at and then moving to Scandinavia to work with Komfo. Her last stint was with Fanbooster, a CMS tool for managing brand facebook pages.

Debkanya Dhar Vyavaharkar
is a former television journalist who decided to hang up her satchel for social media. She worked with NDTV (New Delhi Television) as an anchor, reporter and editor before she moved to CAA KWAN, heading their CSR division while also managing their social media presence. While with CAA KWAN, one of her biggest achievements was the creation and launch of, an online fundraising portal.

Kiran Menon
With over 11 years of experience in product management & marketing, Kiran has managed multi-national campaigns and projects. He is also the co-founder of, a mobile content delivery company. Prior to this, Kiran worked with Opera Software and built up their emerging markets story and growth in India. He then was part of the Corporate Development team that acquired 4 mobile advertising companies.

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